Organizing study groups in SF and Bay Area

Who’s around in SF and the Bay area? Post here to connect with others in the bay to organize in-person or virtual study sessions.

Here’s a sign up sheet to help people connect & organize.

I have signed up for the group but I will participate after the break. I will be moving to Arizona by then.

Only if this was happening 4 weeks ago :slight_smile:

I will still try to contribute via the forums, just not in person this time :sweat_smile:

I just saw this group. I am in San Jose and signed up for this. I am assuming the FastAI name column in the signup sheet is asking for the Forums user name. Or is it discord?

FastAI name is better. Actually I’m not a big Discord user. Is that forum as active as here?

It is also a busy place. Depends we can use anything.

It’s mainly for discussion of development of the libs, but there is a help channel too.

The forums are much more active during courses, and Discord is perhaps more active at other times.


Are we going to do this group? Any updates.

It looks like none of us are within a hour drive time of one another, so for my part I’ll simply participate in the forums. Pre-covid in person study sessions were really valuable and I do miss them this year.

I am okay Either way and I am in a an hour drive from SF in San Jose or we can schedule a zoom call or something like that ?