OOB Score higher than Validation Score

Hello guys,

I’m getting the Intro do Machine Learning course, and along with it, trying to apply it’s content to my job.

Well, with that, I’m trying to run a Random Forest Regressor to predict how many days from a certain date a sales opportunity will take to close.

My RFR is getting the following results:

[19.19978950416304, 18.974135023913018, 0.9634958193042105, 0.49285398801014835, 0.9376698492856959]

Where the last 2 values 0.4928 and 0.9376 are the validation score and the OOB score.

My queries are: Should I trust in what score? Both scores should be close to the model “works”?

Many thanks!

Any update on that? I didn’t found the solution to it.