Online Study Group!

For those who have no study mates in their city.
For those who want to discuss doubts of any level.
(Sometimes, I feel intimidated to ask doubts in the forum.)
For those who are patient and forgiving.

We can stream with other study groups in different cities… just to meet the fastai gang :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, sorry I didn’t see this until after the fact, but I just had my first online study group and it went really well! I’ll put a note here if I do another one.

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That would be really helpful, thanks.

Any interest in doing another one? Monday morning? Saturday some time? Some other time?

Monday early morning / Sunday late night. Possible?

Sure! How “early” is ‘early’? I’m in central time and can to as early as 7am. I busy in the morning until then.

Peace, is this virtual study group still active? Would love to learn from others who are more knowledgeable and have more experience.
Thank you.

I can do zoom or google hangouts.

I’m starting one here in 10 minutes. I’ll update this post with the link.
EDIT2: All done now. Thanks all!

Already has 4 members, can accommodate 6 more (limit).
If the group gets filled, we can create another one.

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