Online chapters of the book

The book, in a few chapters gives links for further learning. One such example is the additional chapter on transformers. However, these links always seem to redirect to the fastai course home page, where I am not able to find these additional chapters.

Is the link of the additional chapters are moved elsewhere or are they yet to be published? Any information would help. Thanks

Edit: I am mentioning some community leaders to get the conversation started as I believe that the above is a question that many readers of the fastbook have. @ilovescience @muellerzr @init_27

Hi Anirudh15

Your question has been asked many times on the forum. The on-line only chapters are not written yet.

I am not aware of any date of delivery.

Regards Conwyn


Hey. I appreciate the response. Thanks

Looking through the tutorials section. There is one on transformers there. Tutorial - Transformers | fastai


Hi Allen. Thanks for the response. Will take a look at it

Thanks for sharing this information. It was useful.