Official Student Made fastai Extensions List

What is this thread?

As everyone is exploring the wonderful new library and creating awesome extensions, there currently is not a list of everyone’s sub-libraries that they have made.

Well no more, welcome to the list!

To submit your own library to this list it needs to fulfill one requirement: It must be an extension/sublibrary.

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Simply follow this template format and submit yours into either a related section, or make a new one with two (##)'s:

  • myLibrary github pip by @ your name, a quick TL;DR of what the goal of the library is and does (no more than 1-2 sentences max)

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Multi-Topic Encompassing Extensions

  • fastai2_extensions github pip docs by @rsomani95, a collection of interpretation, augmentation, and inference utility functions including for ONNX

  • fastinference github pip docs by @muellerzr, a collection of inference modules aimed at speeding it up, tabular and computer vision model interpretation, ONNX exportation and integration

  • fastai_xla_extensions github by @butchland and @tyoc213, allows for fastai/Pytorch models to run on TPUs using the Pytorch-XLA library

Self-Supervised Learning

  • self-supervised github pip docs by @kcturgutlu, implementations of popular SOTA self-supervised learning algorithms as fastai Callbacks