ObjectCategoryList: What is it, how do we use it, is it needed?

I’ve been trying to do multi object detection, and I got it working using ObjectItemList. However, I struggled for a long time, and I feel like the docs are misleading, so I’d like some clarification. Here’s the documentation on these two.

class ObjectCategoryList [source][test]

ObjectCategoryList ( items : Iterator [ T_co ], classes : Collection [ T_co ]= None , label_delim : str = None , one_hot : bool = False , **** kwargs** ) :: MultiCategoryList

ItemList for labelled bounding boxes.

class ObjectItemList [source][test]

ObjectItemList ( *** args** , convert_mode = 'RGB' , after_open : Callable = None , **** kwargs** ) :: ImageList

ItemList suitable for object detection.

First question. is a “labelled bounding box” not the same as “object detection”?

Second, how does ObjectCategoryList expect its class input? I was trying to use from_df or from_csv and didn’t have much luck. I tried to walk through the debugger, but I think my understanding of what the label is, or how it should be structured.

Third, not a question, but a statement. There are zero tests for ObjectCategoryList. I think it would be helpful to have a test to understand how the input should look. I’d love to help, if the first two questions can be answered.