Object detection using fastai v2

Note that there’s also another tutorial that provides a more fast-ai (better abstraction) like way to run DETR as well here:


In my colab I’m trying to stick as close to raw DETR codebase so it’s pretty low level, vs the above is quite elegant in it’s own purpose of providing a friendlier set of abstractions, so two different aspects on working with DETR.


Thanks for sharing @LessW2020 :heart:

We also just finished a self contained colab notebook

This one install all the dependencies and automatically downloads the dataset, just like fastai does :smile:

I hope it’s helpful for anyone starting to explore Detr


I am unable to acces your notebooks/codes are they still available? I am planning on implementing a DETR for image sequences.

The github.io and the colab notebook are unavailable right now. Have the locations changed? Thanks for your help!

@tcapelle and @shimsan, here is the repo and here a quickstart :smiley:

Feel free to ask any questions


Thank you for sharing this. Is it resource hungry ? Will it work on CPU’s ?

@igvaz,I love what you are doing with the icevision library! I was curious if you planning on adding detr, back into the icevision library?

Hi @j.laute,

I am trying to run your notebook “06_Object_Detection_changed”, but it seems there is an issue with the bounding boxes when doing image resizing.

When I remove the resizing (item_tfms = [] (and add unique=True to show_results so that it doesn’t crash, everything works well.


However, as soon as I add the resizing (item_tfms = [Resize(224)]), the data loader seems to fail:


Btw, I think the same problem happens in @muellerzr’s original notebook when you resize to something else than 128 (which is actually the original image size of the TINY_COCO dataset).

Any idea of the reason of this problem, and how to fix it?


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Hi @j.laute,

Not sure if you’re still checking this post, but I’ve been tinkering with fastai2 and object detection and tried using your notebook. Unfortunately I cannot seem to get past 2 errors.

for lookup_idx in range(NUM_CLASSES):
        metrics.append(LookUpMetric(map_metric, dls.vocab[lookup_idx+1], lookup_idx))

I’m getting the error:

AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘stored_args

And if I skip past it and try to run learn.fit_one_cycle(), I get this error:

TypeError: is_floating_point(): argument ‘input’ (position 1) must be Tensor, not int

I’m not sure if the two are connected. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do next/where I can look at modifying some code?

Hi all!
Last week, I started walking with fastai😊
I have a question today. How can I make a predition using trained model in this notebook(https://colab.research.google.com/github/muellerzr/Practical-Deep-Learning-for-Coders-2.0/blob/master/Computer%20Vision/06_Object_Detection.ipynb).
I know that there were some discussions why “predict” or “get_preds” do not work. But they were done a half years ago. So I’d like to know the latest information in Jan 2021. Thanks.


I haven’t worked on this at all. Personally, I would use the IceVision library instead, as it’s a much more fleshed out object detection library for fastai.


Thanks for your quick response!
IceVision seems really nice🤗I’ll try it.

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I tested this implementation and managed to get it running. However it seems that there is something wrong with the RetinaNet or other part of the code, as I also couldn’t train it to acceptable results (mAP didn’t exceed 20%).

I haven’t worked on this at all. Personally, I would use the IceVision library instead, as it’s a much more fleshed out object detection library for fastai.

This is a great library! Object detection works out of the box. Here is a comparison of my struggles with training raw RetinaNet vs. efficientdet from icevision.


thanks for the suggestion

Can anyone please help me? while using learn.fit_sgdr , it gives an error of
AttributeError: ‘Learner’ object has no attribute ‘fit_sgdr’
I have used this package for installation
!pip install -U object-detection-fastai

from object_detection_fastai.helper.wsi_loader import *

from object_detection_fastai.loss.RetinaNetFocalLoss import RetinaNetFocalLoss

from object_detection_fastai.models.RetinaNet import RetinaNet

from object_detection_fastai.callbacks.callbacks import BBMetrics, PascalVOCMetricByDistance, PascalVOCMetric, PascalVOCMetricByDistance
if I try using fastai --upgrade it asks for restarting the runtime which is obvious, but I’m not able to use both in same notebook.
i need the object detection package for the earlier part of code for loading the MIDOG 2021 data , I cant use any other option for that .
but I need to use sgdr training too which I am not able to perform in jupyter notebook.
All suggestions are welcome .