NY/tri-state area group?

I wonder, don’t we have enough folks local the area to form a group? Is there any interest?


You could send a PM (or at-mention here) all the folks in that area, based on the spreadsheet where folks have recorded their locations.

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I’m in Metuchen, NJ. But, just starting now. January 1, 2018.

I have a couple of potential location to meet here in Metuchen that are close to public transit.

… I’ve signed up for the nurture.ai in NYC. However, something in Central NJ might work depending on how accessable it turns out to be via NJTransit.

You might want to checkout Checkout nurture.ai
I think we’ll be having Saturday Meetups in NYC starting soon.

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I was looking for meetups and found this: https://www.meetup.com/Deep-Learning-NYC

They’re running it out of an AWS Loft in SoHo, and apparently the guy organizing it is an AWS ML Architecture Lead. I think they have meetups every Thursday.

Looks like they’re doing a hands-on exploration of G.Hinton’s Capsule Networks. I plan on dropping in soon there.


At first glance this looks really cool – implementing & testing out new research? – gonna check this out.

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@Borz please let us know how the "Deep-Learning-NYC event turns out. (I was not planning to be in NYC that day.)