Notebook2html renders ipynb using GH fastpages but not locally

Hi, newbie here.

  1. I created 2 ipynb notebooks using Wolfram Jupyter Kernel.

  1. Also created a website at
  2. When I place the 2 notebooks into the _notebooks directory and git push, both the blog posts are generated properly as HTML on the website.

Now I tried to do the same thing locally using just the notebook2html code as a script.

  1. I installed nbdev using pip and used the notebook2html script locally.
  2. Below is the file that I created.
"""Converts Jupyter Notebooks to Jekyll compliant blog posts"""
from datetime import datetime
import re, os, logging
from nbdev import export2html
from nbdev.export2html import Config, Path, _to_html, _re_block_notes
from fast_template import rename_for_jekyll

## apply monkey patches
# export2html._nb2htmlfname = _nb2htmlfname
# export2html.notebook2html(fname='nb1.ipynb', template_file='fastpages.tpl', execute=False)
export2html.notebook2html(fname='wf.ipynb', dest='c:/akvsak/www3/tools/',execute=False)
  1. It works locally for the included notebook file 2020-02-20-test.ipynb and generates the HTML file.

  2. But, I get the following error when using locally on any of the 2 wolfram generated ipynb notebooks :

converting: wf.ipynb
'list object' has no attribute 'get'
Conversion failed on the following:
python --version
Python 3.8.6
nbdev verion 1.2.8

Is there any setting I need to include in the local script to make it work locally? New to python, so any clue would be helpful. Thanks for reading.

Summary: wolfram generated notebooks render to html using github pages but not when used locally.