Notebook still excuting with skip_exec: true?


I have a notebook with a raw cell at the top with

skip_exec: true
skip_showdoc: true

I have a cell in that notebook where I import tqdm.notebook

from tqdm.notebook import tqdm

when i run “nbdev_doc” to build the documentation locally, I get

    kernel.comm_manager.register_target('jupyter.widget', Widget.handle_comm_opened)
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'comm_manager'


    if self.k.exc: raise Exception(f'Error: cell {cell.idx_}:\n{cell.source}') from self.k.exc[1]
Exception: Error: cell 2: <followed by the cell with the import in it>

if i put a #|eval: false in the cell itself, it does not happen and the docs build successfully.

I was under the impression that skip_exec: true and skip_showdoc: true were supposed to prevent execution of the cells.

thanks in advance

They are indeed supported to! Could you provide a public repo that reproduces this error, so I can take a look and fix?

sorry for the noise, I updated nbdev from 2.0.4 to 2.1.7 and the problem went away… should have tried that first :slight_smile:

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