No response from paperspace

Paperspace has not yet enabled the use of public templates for me. How much time it usually takes for them to enable the access?
Does this code “$15 credit code you can use: FASTAI6GKZ” as mentioned by reshma still work in paperspace?

I tried reaching out to them in January multiple times and never heard a peep. I ultimately built my own local rig.

I think a lot of people using the cloud have moved to AWS which is covered in of the videos(possibly DL2) I can’t remember.

This is so unfortunate. Thanks Will for responding, can you share the process of setting up rig on AWS?
Also any reason you did not use Crestle.


Well I got one paperspace machine this month. It took me around 4-5 days. They said there was a surge in demand for 0.4$ instances, but 0.65$ and 0.9$ were ample.

Well they don’t allow to select instance. As soon as I select template it says request for permission and it is pending.


Could be an issue with the region you are choosing. Also, try contacting the support team as well. They responded after 2-3 business days.

Also in the meanwhile you could use Google Colab (which is free) for experimentations.

her entire github should be helpful but that’s the specific link on how to set up for AWS. Again, Jeremy covers it in one of the videos, i just can’t remember which one.