Newer version on conda than GitHub

Right now, I got nbdev 2.2.8 via conda installed, but the GH release is at 2.2.7 and the current status of the CHANGELOG also does not mention 2.2.8 yet.

I guess the nbdev machinery can create a new conda package without making a GH release? I thought I saw these linked in nbdev v1, but maybe that changed with v2?

In any case, how could I verify at this moment without having the 2.2.8 release on GH, if a given bug fix is contained in v.2.2.8? I guess there’s no way?

Only significant releases are tagged on github. Minor releases aren’t. Github release notes include all changes since the last tagged release.

The only way to know if a fix is in a non-tagged release is to check the time of the commit vs the time of release.

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note to other readers: One can get the timestamp of any conda release using conda search --info nbdev -c fastai