Newbie starting a new research community

What’s going on everybody, this is Janghoon from Seoul, South Korea.

I just finished going through all Jupyter files for Part 1 (2020), and now I’m working on my mini project as per Jeremy’s suggestion in the course. Though I call it a mini project, I think it’ll be my 10+ year project!:crossed_fingers:

So, the gist of my project is to create an accessible, inclusive, and sustainable research community so that tech (including deep learning) is more fun and attainable for the ones who need it. I hope to make this community a place where newbies like me come to find some:

  1. GUI tools
  2. Dataset
  3. Tutorials
  4. Demo projects
  5. Career guidance

Yeah, it’s highly influenced/inspired by itself that I had to quote @rachel and @jeremy’s mission in the landing page (please let me know if doing so is problematic - I’ll remove it immediately)

That said, please feel free to take a look at the prototype!

ECIR Labs -

All sorts of feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.

P.S. Please forgive if this is not how I’m supposed to use this forum. I’m new and am just learning the culture here.

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