Newbie question : Where are my downloaded files stored at?

I know this might sound dumb, but I really don’t understand where the downloaded files are. When I download images into Path() on colab, where does it store the images? On the colab server? my google drive? or in my local machine? And how could I browse these files like I do on finder on mac. Thank you.

Hi Jessica
If you run !find / -name xxxxxxx -print where xxxxxx is the name of the file it will find it. Most likely on the colab server but you might have pointed to your google drive.

Regards Conwyn


to build on Conwyn’s answer, you can also use their user interface (see screenshot below)

which will open the following side tab, where you can explore the filesystem:

Your downloaded data will probably appear there (by default, you are located in the /content directory)


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Thank you!