New Fastai lr_find / recorder.plot equivalent?

Hello everyone, first time poster! One of the interesting features that I’ve found is the lr_find() and the recorder.plot() functions of the Learner class. But after checking out the GitHub repo, apparently those methods are now outdated.

My fastai version is 1.0.61. I’ve tried searching around, but all the results just return answers applying lr_find() and recorder.plot() to their issues. Is there an equivalent method that I can use with the updated fastai version? Thank you very much!

@Linkrw12 Hi!
By ‘updated fastai version’, do you mean fastai v2, or v1?
These methods do exist in fastaiv1
in fastaiv2, lr_find() is still the same. The results of lr_find are now given by learn.recorder.plot_lr_find()

@ PalaashAgrawal, I’m unsure whether I’m using fastai v1 or v2. I installed fastai using pip and the version is 1.0.61, so I’m assuming that this is v1. Which is odd, because when I import the Learner class from basic_train, it doesn’t seem to have an lr_find() method nor a recorder property to use plot_lr_find(). This seems to be reinforced when looking at Learner’s source code.

Since posting, I’ve found an lr_find() function (source) in the train module. So I’m unsure whether this gives any insight into whether this fastai is v1 or v2.

I found the solution. It seems these methods only initialize when a learner gets both its data and model arguments. This is slightly embarrassing, thanks for the replies @PalaashAgrawal

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Great. Yes, you are using the v1 library!
Tip: If you ever find difficulties in finding a functionality, the documentation is a great place to search: