New app using deep learning goes viral

hi everyone, i found this new app that goes viral ( approx 5m downloads)

would like to discuss here what kind of method they use for fast tracking face motion.

Maybe they are using facial landmarks?
cnn maybe is the most accurate solution for emotion detection, but I do not think cnn would fast enough for this game.

Maybe leaner facial landmark would face enough for this game?They only need to measure the shape of the landmarks of mouth.

i think they use mobilenet or enet. their accuracy is not that good though.

Any alternative or something similar for iOS? :disappointed_relieved:


I guess theres no alternative to this for iOS

I mean there are many but nothings seems to really work out. I have already
tried many.

Regards, 9apps app cartoon hd

Reminds me of the time when a German voice imitator had a comedic radio show where he imitated our Chancellor at the time (Gerhard Schröder), called it the Gerd show and some people started complaining why our Chancellor had time to do such a show, including singing songs.

This stuff is concerning for quite a while now, since some people are easily fooled even by bad imitation (or even without any evidence - just tell them someone they dislike said something bad and they’ll dig it). Which is btw why it would be important to teach kids about fact checking and spotting misinformation in school. Should be a basic class early on. jiofi login

This link you provided is not working.

can someone update it ? mybkexperience mcdvoice

I’ve found a similar app on play store.

i don’t remember its name, it was something like deep learn. .