NeurIPS 2019

(Ramji B) #1

Hi, I have been looking for folks attending NeurIPS 2019. Is anyone making it to the conference this year? If so i’d love to formally introduce myself. I’m Ramji, a Machine learning engineer and student at Amrita University India. My specialization is Image Processing and I’m attending this year to participate in workshops and competitions around bioinformatics. I’d love to stay in touch and potentially catch up at the conference. I’m also traveling alone, so would appreciate if I can tag along in getting around the city/to the venue with you/your crew.


(Daniel N. Lang) #2

Hey Ramji! Great to read from you and that you’re going to NeurIPS :smile: Thanks for posting about it!
I’ll be attending NeurIPS this year after having attended last year for the first time. I’ve learned so much and met many incredible people at the conference, some of which I’m looking forward to meeting this year again :grin:
Let’s definitely have a meetup (or crash the PyTorch one).
Last year I had the good fortune of briefly meeting Jeremy and Sylvain but I missed out on meeting the crew at the PyTorch meetup. So I hope this year I won’t miss it. :wink:


(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #3

Nice photo! I won’t be there this year, but Rachel will.


(Ramji B) #4

Great…!! Looking forward for such meetups !!:+1::+1::blush:

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(Even Oldridge) #5

I’ll be attending as well. Any other fastai people attending? If it’s just the three of us we should connect at the pytorch meetup.


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(nok) #6

Is there a pytorch meetup? First timer for conference, I have absolutely no idea about anything.


(Even Oldridge) #7

I haven’t seen anything, but I’m assuming if there was one last year then there will similarly be one this year. If there isn’t one then we’ll do a mini fastai one.


(nok) #8

Sounds great.