Nesting of docs (= Custom sidebar?)

I was wondering if I understand it correctly, that if I wanted nested/sub-pages in the doc tree, that the only way to achieve that is to edit the sidebar.json file in the docs folder?

So, there isn’t any control directive for that yet? Wouldn’t that be a nice feature?

That is the control directive. It’s a customization you make as we can’t assume how you’d want things nested.

I almost always have a custom sidebar btw.

Similarly to how #default_cls_lvl controlling the class position in a notebook, couldn’t a #default_nb_lvl determine on what level it ends up on the sidebar? That’s what I was thinking about as a control directive.

Not really, because the sidebar can point to much more than notebooks, such as markdown files too. At least to me, I wouldn’t want this behavior in the native library. As an extension or something perhaps. But I’m content and happy writing out the custom sidebars quickly, even with large amounts of nbs