Need a math friend - Lesson 3

Okay this is where I feel like give up or at least thinking I need to go and learn math, I watching lesson 3 and I feel absolutely lost because of the math. Should I stop forward and take a math course as I am completely lost on quadratic functions and the content in lesson 3 so far …

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It’s a totally normally feeling. If you go learn lesson in the way Jeremy says in his four pass approach, I believe you understand the maths behind it. It takes time for everyone to grasp the material, and the amount of time varies greatly depending on your background.

I would highly recommend you to watch this video. You can check out my summary of this video in my blogpost here.

If I were in your shoes, I would be committing to completing the course instead of taking additional math courses, as it can be intimidating and lead to an endless loop.


Thank you so much for this video, I will follow the path and commit to completing this course and completing some projects. Thank you so much

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Hi T D
Please ask any Math questions you have and the Mathematicans among us we try to explain the concepts.
Regards Conwyn