Nbdev2 without quarto?

there are some scenarios in which one simply cannot install quarto.
Even when trying to install it in user-space without root, we could fail because we are on CentOS7 that doesn’t have glib_2.18, so we can’t run deno which is part of quarto.

What are our options then for using nbdev v2.x?
Will the “Python part” of nbdev work without any issue? Would we just miss out on the documentation part?

I think everything except for documentation-specific commands (nbdev_docs, nbdev_readme, nbdev_preview, and nbdev_quarto) should “just work” without Quarto installed. Although I’ve not tried this. Would you be able to try it out and let us know if you encounter any issues?

For completeness, I think all of these should work without Quarto installed:

  • nbdev_install_hooks – for Jupyter/Git hooks, as well as the underlying commands: nbdev_clean, nbdev_trust, nbdev_merge, and nbdev_fix
  • nbdev_new
  • nbdev_export
  • nbdev_test
  • nbdev_update
  • all nbdev.release commands
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cc @drscotthawley, you might find this thread helpful