Nbdev v2 doesn't package data file anymore

I have a MANIFEST.in so that my data file will be packaged into the pypi package. this worked fine until v2.
My first v2 pypi release did not package the file, as evident from the source package:


One can even see that the MANIFEST.in is correct. A quick look at pypi docs doesn’t indicate a change in methods for packaging data files, so is this a bug with nbdev’s pypi packager?

And the path to the data file is also still correct: nbplanetary/planetarypy/data at master · michaelaye/nbplanetary · GitHub

well, a pure “python3 -m build” fails to copy my data file as well, WTH?

Never mind, my MANIFEST.in actually had a weakly defined include without the keyword “include”, and apparently pip does ignore that line now, must have been a change this year.