Nbdev to generate wiki?

Hey, community! I was wondering if it makes sense to extend the nbdev_docs command to also publish the documentation to the GitHub wiki page of the repo. How it can help is that GitHub pages only creates a publicly accessible documentation website which might not be desired for some projects and having a feature that automatically creates a privately accessible wiki can be useful for those kinds of use cases. Wikis also have a similar structure to that of the docs portal and also support markdown and addition of images/links etc. Thoughts?

When someone manually updates the Wiki, how do you deal with future nbdev_docs updates and regeneration ?

It can be overwritten? We can always restrict edits on Wikis to collaborators? My use case is that I want my package’s docs to be only visible to users in the organization, do you think there is a better way to do that? I don’t want to use the paid enterprise version of gh-pages.

Why not deploy a private docs site if privacy is a concern? There is a section on how to do this in the docs nbdev - Docs Website

This might do, I will try hosting it on S3 which our org uses. Thanks!