Nbdev_test - No files were eligible for testing

Hi All,

I am a bit at a loss for how to proceed on this one. I have just installed nbdev in my environment for an existing project and when I point nbdev_test to a file like nbdev.ipynb or test.ipynb I am get a response that there are no files eligible for testing. I get the same results whether I use a full path or a relative path.

CLI entry nbdev_test --path nbdev.ipynb

Furthermore, when I try to point to a folder, nbdev_test appears to be appending /nbs on the end of every directory. I’m a little unclear why this would be happening since this project is not set up as an nbdev project with a settings.ini.

Any advice would be really helpful at this point. Thanks!

Edit: a bit of a plot twist - I added a nbs folder into my current directory and everything started working. I assume this is not this expected behavior?

I think all nbdev CLI programs need to be configured via a settings.ini in the root folder of your project, and if missing it assumes an nbs folder for the location of where the notebooks can be found to be converted and tested? At least I’m pretty sure the use of any of nbdev_xxx programs without configuring a settings.ini isn’t a supported use case.

Thanks for the response. I agree that I haven’t run into these issues with a proper settings.ini. However, based on the documentation under Modular nbdev I would expect it to work without the settings.ini since it doesn’t explicitly say it’s required (as is specifically noted in the documentation). I believe it’s also mentioned in the nbdev tutorials that it should work.

Hopefully, it is a bug (or user error) and an easy fix! Otherwise it is probably worth an update to the documentation.

Ah sorry, that part was new to me!