Nbdev_template license question

I have a question about licensing and usage of nbdev_template.

The license for the repo is Apache 2, but the copyright holder and date is left blank. Should the repo be considered under an Apache license, with fastai as the owner until this information is filled in, at which point the new user must include a statement of changes to they make to the software?

I also plan to include something like “Built using nbdev on top of the nbdev_template” in my README, but wanted to make sure I properly attribute the template.

Thanks for you work on this project, it’s been fun using Jupyter for development!

Good question, and yes it should be filled by the user. If you generate your repo from nbdev_template, github will leave a mention that is enough for us in terms of citation. Adding “Built using nbdev on top of the nbdev_template” in your README is a nice to add (ideally with links to the repos).

Thanks for your quick reply. What if users clone nbdev_template and don’t directly use the GitHub templating feature, would a citation like the “Built using…” statement above (with links) be sufficient?

I cloned the template locally and built off there, as I initially planned to keep my project on a self-hosted GitLab instance before open sourcing.

Then citing as you said in the README is fine in this case.

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