Nbdev_template apt-get packages?

is there a way to apt-get packages in the build? one of the requirements i have needs some that aren’t installed

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Hello, if I understand the problem correctly you are missing some python packages, including nbdev. I had similar problem and fixed that by running

pip install nvidia-ml-py3 nbdev graphviz fastai2 azure azure-cognitiveservices-vision-customvision azure-cognitiveservices-search-imagesearch

so ive been making a little library with nbdev/nbdev_template i guess and some of the code i wanted to add to the library has av as a dependency.

and if you install av with pip you end up needing some other packages like libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev which need to be installed with apt-get. if av is installed with conda it handles everything

I’m not seeing the answer to the question here. Rather than start a new thread on exactly the same topic, I’ll ask the question again:

If I need something installed via apt-get, how do I get the nbdev build to allow me to do that?

Currently I’m getting Permission Denied error in the GitHub Action.