Nbdev_preview spurious `Uncaught (in promise) BadResource`


I have a project, I clone it fresh, cd to it, and run

nbdev_preview --port 8888 --host --n_workers 4

Then, once in a while, the server crashes with:

error: Uncaught (in promise) BadResource: Bad resource ID

Is there a way for me to investigate the origin of that error? It must be some JS code, but given the piling up of dependencies with nbdev, would someone know where I should start? Or maybe that error says there’s something wrong in my notebook?

And what log file could tell me more?

Couldn’t find anything about such a bug in nbdev nor in quarto…

In fact I think it relates to the following error:

ERROR: 500 (Internal Error): Not a directory (os error 20), stat '/home/yann/Repos/project/_proc/public/gps_table_validation.html/'

where you notice the / at the end, dunno why it requests that folder…

Is this a Quarto bug?

I looked in their issues, didn’t find anything close.