Nbdev: lower settings.ini var's not assigned, GitHub link 404's

Hi, I searched and only found one previous post similar to this but that received no answer, so I’ll ask mine:

In settings.ini, it says…

# You probably won't need to change anything under here,
#   unless you have some special requirements

This seems misleading because even for my minimal, non-special setup arrived at by following the tutorial, those variables below are not being set properly.

For example, the git_url line in settings.ini reads

git_url = https://github.com/%(user)s/%(lib_name)s/tree/%(branch)s/

And this remains as the url that appears in the “github” link at the top of my rendered docs:


i.e. the “user” and “lib_name” and “branch” variables are not getting filled in with their respective values, even though they are set up above in my settings.ini file. Thus when the user clicks on this, they get a 404 error.

So, perhaps the user does need to change these lines?

I think your repo is private? I’m not sure private repos will work with rendering docs

Nope, not private. “This repository is currently public.”

Can you start over again with a fresh nbdev repo from scratch and create a simple library? You must have changed something incorrectly in your settings that is causing the issues here.

Doing it again from scratch might actually help you figure out the error

BTW the reason I thought it was a private repo was the link to the repo from the docs was broken

You definitely shouldn’t be changing anything there

Solved, PR #449 merged into master.