Nbdev feature request

I wanted to discuss a feature of nbdev which is to have it maintain a branch that does not include the notebooks. It would be just the minimum requirements needed to use the python package produced my nbdev. I am finding that sharing my nbdev project is confusing for people who don’t know nbdev. Is this a bad idea?

What were you thinking? You can seperate the nbdev and python components if you want (it will be a little bit more trouble for you), by symlinking your lib_path to be a separate repo.

We did that here

Minimal Python code: https://github.com/fastai/ghtop
Corresponding nbdev stuff: https://github.com/fastai/ghtop-docs

If you study the symlinks you will see how we did it. However, for your own sanity I might recommend just telling your consumers to ignore certain folders in your repo (like notebooks and docs)?


Well, 2 events have caused me to think about this. First, I pushed one of my nbdev managed modules to a serverless function (not lambda but similar). So that involved copying and it was desirable to strip out anything extra to conserve space. Next, I shared a project with someone who didn’t know nbdev. That code wasn’t fully tested but the issues were well within his skill set to fix on his own. However, he didn’t know nbdev. So I was thinking about using a continuously maintained branch that only includes the bare minimum requirements to build the project. Thanks.

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