Nbdev does not export the imports

I am using nbdev for the first time. I noticed, that the import statements are not exported to the library (py) files. However, I can use the files generated without any trouble. In fastai library files imports ARE contained. What am I missing here? Is there a special command line parameter for this?

Did you include them with an #export tag?

(A Visualization would also be nice to know exactly what you mean)

Yes, I did. I will post some file contents when I am back to my PC.

Hi I have question on similar lines, how does nbdev handle import statements??
Suppose I created a function add(a,b) which just add two numbers, I export this cell to fileA, now in another cell I call this add function and export that cell to fileB, so how will fileB include ‘from fileA import add’ when I build modules using nbdev_build_lib??

Oh, sorry. It was a classical PEBCAK. First, I forgot to enter the #export and then, after doing it, I forgot to refresh the text editor. Sorry, maybe somebody can delete these texts.

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