[nbdev] Changes to settings.ini not reflected in documentation


I’ve searched the forum and didn’t find a similar problem, but please forgive me if it’s somewhere obvious that I missed.

My issue is this:

I had to change my repo’s location, and therefore had to change the settings.ini file. What I’m finding is that running the nbdev_build_docs command (even if I pass force_all = True) doesn’t update a lot of the jekyll artifacts.

Deleting certain files simply breaks the nbdev_build_docs call, as it expects many things to be present already.

Is there an easy way to completely rebuild my documentation from scratch, with no artifacts being left over from previously generating them before I changed my settings.ini file?


Forgot to mention that the way this problem manifests is that my documentation contains a bunch of links to the old github location.




You have to run nbdev_build_lib and nbdev_build_docs to make sure the settings are propagated correctly

There are no nbdev_build_* commands in latest nbdev What is the correct procedure to make changes take after editing settings.ini?

nbdev_prepare rebuilds the library and update the README. Documentation is now generated in Github Actions