Nb/filename order and label in a lesson of the course

I am curious about the nomenclature/label of the file name of the nb. Is it intended not to put the order or sub-order of the nb in one lesson? instead of lesson3-1-x.nb, lesson3-2-b-a.nb, now we have lesson3-a, lesson3-x sorted in alphabetical. Another thought is a key concept ‘tag’ in the file name. e.g. lsn3-1-nlp1-imbd.nb. Just a thought – how can we keep the optimum useful info in the least memory with adequate clarity?

Is this the wrong topic? How is this related to nbdev?


I am sorry if that is a wrong place. Please refer or suggest the topic to whom decid the name of the files. Thanks.

I’m guessing this should be in the fastai topic if it is regarding the filenames of fastai lesson notebooks

Moved to the proper subforum :slight_smile:

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