My error of get data in colab

I have come up with some problems of my codes.
I upload my dataset to the google cloud drive and mount it with colab.
My dataset is in this structure:

and I add the path to the data by using this code:

However, when I try to load the data with the model, mistakes happen:

What should I do to get through it ?

Are there any empty folders? It looks like something is empty

In your path after dataset add a ‘/’

Also you can try this to check that the files are correctly located:
il = ImageList.from_folder(path) or path/‘train’

If you get no value then there is something wrong. Hope that helps

Thanks for your reply. I found that I lose a ‘/’ of my path,which is the reason that can not add the path

Thanks for your reply. according to your suggestion. I foun i lose a ‘/’ befor content.