Multiple objects (barcodes) detection using new Fast AI library

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I am trying to develop a vision-based model to detect multiple barcodes from the given image. The model will predict a list of bounding boxes for all barcodes in the image. I am wondering if there is an example tutorial that I can follow to use the new Fast AI library for object detection.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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Suggest search using the term “bbox” in this forum
There are numerous entries related to bounding boxes.

It’s faster to use a library such as pyzbar for detecting barcodes. Such libraries will give you the coordinates to draw a bounding box.

I have tried pyzbar on the actual dataset but its accuracy is too low for multiple barcodes reading from the images. This is what I have found. The images I have got contains up to a hundred barcodes. pyzbar is performing very poorly. So I thought to try out my own model if that can help.