Multi Page Tiff File Document Layout Analysis

Hello Everyone,

Problem: I have Documents that are multi-page and there are around 1000 of them, I want to perform document layout analysis on these .tiff files and detect tables, text, figures and paragraphs in the Multi-page .tiff files. Than I want to OCR the table sections to detect all the text in it.

Solution: _______

Status: I have been thinking about the approach to follow to solve this problem I have and I’m really unable to get any thoughts on this. Can anyone give some thoughts or inputs or a path that can direct me to attack this problem.

Any improvements, suggestions and help is Appreciated :slight_smile: Thank you.


Hi gnomula hope your having fun.
See this link Ideas on document processing using deep learning maybe it will stimulate some ideas.

Cheers mrfabulous1 :smiley::smiley:

Thanks man! Appreciate it, I will go through the links and ask you if I get any doubts. :slight_smile: