Moving the fastai 0.7 folder - do not use pip for the MOOC!

(Won Seob Seo) #23

Hi, sorry I forgot to put the link to my medium post! All my code is in screenshot if you read the medium post. Thanks!


Hello, I’m new around here and have watched a few of the videos, am hooked, and I think what you’re up to here is amazing, so thank you!

I’ve got a question about the fastai library version. I’ve set up my own ubuntu dual-boot workspace, putting my 1080ti to more productive use than what I usually use it for… and have the old/0.7 version of the notebooks running smoothly. I’m sure that the general deep learning concepts from the now old version of the course are still just as valuable and I will go through them regardless, however I’m wondering about if at some point we can look forward to a new or updated version using the fastai 1.0 libray, considering it’s a from scratch rewrite? Do you think there is any harm at all in getting deep into the 0.7 course at this point? (just to be clear when I say old, I still mean the 2018 version, I say old because of the “old” wrapper version used in the course)

(Jeremy Howard) #25

Yes, early 2019.

Still very useful - the concepts don’t change, and that’s what takes time to learn. Library changes are easy to learn.