MOOC plans

(Rachel Thomas) #21

@yad.faeq Thank you for the thoughtful and thorough suggestions! This is great

(Rachel Thomas) #22

Thanks @sravya8, I like your breakdown on areas where students may need help.

(yad.faeq) #23

For sure : )!

(anamariapopescug) #24

ok, will start a thread tomorrow or so.

(Jeremy Howard (Admin)) #25

The MOOC is now live, although not officially launched: Please take a look and tell me if you notice any issues. If all well, I plan to announce it publicly tomorrow. (In the meantime, please don’t share it publicly)


The network is really lagging with vpn in China. I found the course video link that can be accessed in mainland of China. It seems that some learners had uploaded fast ai course videos to QQ video platform. If anyone from China wants to view the video course, that will be a very good option instead of Youtube.

(Peter Kelly (OZ)) #27

Just keep doing what have been, including your innovations Jeremy. You are doing a GREAT job and performing a real service to the broad (and as yet mainly unaware) scientific community, as well as all who are interested. l was originally just luke warm when a good friend and former work colleague suggested that I get involved - we both worked in Australuan Defence Science and Technology Organisation. We were instantly hooked and remain so. I regret that I don’t have the time necessary to do justice to your presentations and EXCELLENT level of expertiese and demistyfying communication at the moment, but that will change soon. AI is clearly the BIG DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY, possibly, and probably for at least a decade with the rapid-fire short feedback loop, from almost any perspective - investment vs return, ROI, pure academia, simple to complex applications in multifarious fields, and apparently disparate fields. It also seems to me that your embryonic FastAI MOOCs will set the standard for academia and commerce, and will stand as a difficult act to top.
Congratulations to Jeremy especially, and also to Rachael and the University of San Frasisco, and the many others among your supporters and contributors.
What a blast !!
Peter Kelly (OZ)