ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'fastai.transforms'

I have a ubuntu 16.04 system with conda, cuda , cudnn all installed and working. I clone the git repository and create a conda environment and install all the requirements and try to run lesson1 code on my local computer not via jupyter notebook. I have tried every kind of installation possible but none of it helps me. I request you to please help me out. Any import of module other than fastai.imports gives a “ModuleNotFoundError”

Import sys

Try above two lines in command.
Basically we are adding a path to module

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Assuming you are running your code from .../fastai/courses/dl1/ folder, another way is to create a symlink called fastai in your folder and point it to ../../old/fastai. To do it, run this code from terminal:

ln -s ../../old/fastai fastai

If you are trying to use fastai library from some other folder, then in the symlink you should provide a full path to ../fastai/old/fastai and it will work.

P.S. By the way, fastai.transforms is needed only for the older 0.7 version of fastai library.

you mean try them in my python file??or in the command line??

no i’m not actually running the code from …/fastai/courses/dl1/folder , i just retyped the code and ran it just like how you run python file. Shouldn’t it work that way??

I actually want to run 0.7 version itself. I’m trying to install it from github and command line commands and every time i end up with version 1.0.0 , how do i install 0.7 with all its dependencies??

Have you followed the steps listed here?

There is also a requirements file that lists everything that is needed for .7 to run.

Hello, thank you, the error goes away when i add
import sys
import fastai

but now i get a different error.
ConvLearner is not defined.