[MLT] fastbook Reading & Discussion Sessions (Saturdays 4-6 PM IST)

Hi Everyone,

Note: I’ve created this post here since the books is based on v-2 of the framework.

Link to Pre-order the book
Link to fastbook early draft


Special Thanks to Machine Learning Tokyo Community, for helping with hosting the meet-ups, you may sign up for it here, link to join the slack and respective channel details would be in the above writeup.

Or you can simply join via Zoom.

The structure follows a Silent Study Group + discussions:

  • 1.5 hours of Silently reading the book by ourself.
  • 30 minutes of discussing the book, questionnaire, related topics


We’ll meet every Saturday from 4PM-6PM IST*

The goal is not to complete a fixed number of pages every meeting but instead read at our own pace, run the notebooks and discuss.

I’ll be leading the discussions since I’ve had a small head start with the book.

Note: The sessions will NOT be recorded to respect the license of the early draft that has been very kindly made available, please go through the terms here


Jeremy and Sylvain have authored a book on Deep Learning based on the latest version of the framework. Link to Book

The book is currently to be released, (I’ve pre-ordered my copy and I can’t wait). They have also been very kind to share an early draft with us, the goal is to create a virtual study group to go through the material together.

Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread. Looking forward to seeing you every weekend!


Very happy that you started. Thank you. Looking forward

Thanks for the initiative. So we just need to join at last 30 minutes of every session in zoom call?

Sure! You could do that, but the MLT Group has been hosting a silent study group and personally I find it v encouraging to go through the book along w the group

@dkobran & @tomg. FYI, we have study group of ~50 people, I’ve recommend paperspace to our group and helped everyone setup. If any/some issues arise, I’ll bring them to your attention :slight_smile:


Hi, the link to the Zoom meeting is not responsive

As a reminder, we’ll be reading lesson 2 and discussing lesson-1 today

Link to join will remain same each week, please look at top wiki for all details.

Hi Sanyam,

I might be missing something, but the link for zoom doesn’t work. It’s not even clickable. Can you please confirm if it works or is it just a problem I am facing. All the other links work.

Sorry about that, I’ve just corrected it, should work now.

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@gansme, @czechcheck, continuing the discussion here.

Could you please join the MLT Slack community which we use to organise these, I’ll introduce you to the organising teams :slight_smile:

Edit: Link to join

Hey @zerotosingularity!
I know you had mentioned that seeme.ai is currently in beta-invite for Course p1-v4 students, is it okay if I showcase it in our study group?



Is there any way I can support you for that? iOS version, SDK sample, …?

Thank you!

Oh wow, I’m sorry I’ve been behind, Last time I checked there was just a Python version :smiley:

Will DM you for help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind offer, @init_27. We’re merging in a fast.ai meetup group @marii has been running for a while so we’re all set with 2 co-hosts. I’ve updated the Bay Area thread with info on the new post-class meeting times here.

It would be great to share learnings across the groups. I’ll DM you to see how we might coordinate that.

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Awesome! Please feel free to reach out to for anything that I can help with.

The MLT slack group is also active with discussions if anyone would like to join the discussions-anyone/everyone is welcome :tea:

Inviting the group to share the reviews since we read the book before it got officially published, but I don’t want that from keeping us from sharing our experience :pray:

Really enjoyed fastbook, great blend of code, examples and math. Review questions at the end of each chapter are great to help you recap too.