ML Reproducibility Challenge

Hey all

We at Weights & Biases are kickstarting our ML Reproducibility Challenge Spring 2021 Initiative wherein we will be supporting each participant who takes part in the official PaperswithCode ML Reproducibility Challenge.

This is an excellent platform to get hands on experience of reproducing papers from top conferences, learning about bleeding edge research and taking stride in making science reproducible and accessible to all.

Later today/ tomorrow morning, depending on where you’re located, we are hosting our maiden Office Hours where we will give a walkthrough of the challenge, help in structuring a reproducible experiment pipeline, hear from previous edition participants and also discuss about the Weights & Biases MLRC Spring 2021 Grant where we will be awarding $500 to selected participants.

To learn more about MLRC, head over to our report here.

To join us today at the Office Hours scheduled at 9:30 am PT, 10 pm IST and 12:30 pm EST, register for the event (free) using the following link:

To apply for the grant, fill this form.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

PS- @morgan participated in our Winter Edition, and I believe he will be more than happy to share his experience of participating in the challenge with a FastAI team. You can check out his report here.