Metrics doc fails importing class MultiLabelFbeta

The line show_doc(MultiLabelFbeta) fails (can’t find name) on metrics documentation notebook. Everything else seems fine. I can import MultiLabelFbeta on the terminal but not on the metrics notebook. Do you have any idea why this is the case?

What are you running the notebook through?

I am running on a SageMaker notebook instance (conda_pytorch_p36 kernel). Also, I have installed by following the steps in the git notes section (e.g. developer prerequisites are installed via pip).

Actually, from terminal I can import all the variables included in __all__. However, on the jupyter notebook, I cannot import the following variables:
AUROC, auc_roc_score, roc_curve, MultiLabelFbeta, foreground_acc.

Problem solved. Here is the solution.