Merging the two different column datasets into one

How to merge the (different column)3 Csv file into single csv file

You can use df.to_csv.

Can you please explain in detail ?

Hi, can u please exactly mention what are you looking for.

  1. Do you have three csv files and you are trying to load them into one csv file ?

Yeah…and in that three CSV file some columns are same and some columns are differing…so that I want to merge it properly , otherwise it will be in trouble .
That’s why am asking exactly what to do?

This sort of things are usually accomplished by using relational join. You might want to look into relational join tutorials. Quick search yielded this site, but there are many others.


Alternatively you can load the csv files in three different dataframes. If you want specific columns use usecols to get those columns alone.
you can then concatenate the dataframe using pd.concat into one.
This dataframe could be easily converted to csv using pd.to_csv

Hope this helps.