Managing secrets in nbdev

Hey fastai & nbdev community

Curious to see if anyone else has a view on managing secrets within nbdev, specifically when testing inline during development?

Here is background and rationale for this question:

  • I first started playing with nbdev to make a package that was used in multiple microservices. This was to avoid repeating code used within several of the services. A few of the functions and classes within this repo used secrets/keys - connecting to databases, calling a paid API, etc. In order to properly test these within nbdev, the keys need to be made available - however, in development they change a lot (certainly the database passwords), so I can’t just “set it and forget it” on each machine.
  • Inline testing is my favourite feature of nbdev. But when creating packages or scripts that rely on secrets/keys (as mentioned above) especially in development/iteration, I can’t currently use nbdev with 100% confidence for fear that I will leave a key exposed (a key that is needed for inline testing).
  • I hate setting environment vars - can never remember the syntax (I switch between Mac and PC a lot). I forget how to find which ones I’ve set, which names I used, etc.

I acknowledge I went against the recommendations of the contribution guidelines to create a mockup of what this could look like - this was more for my own understanding of how nbdev works than to actually come up with a legit solution on my own without validation of the issue from others. It doesn’t work 100% as I want but I’m posting this before I spend (waste?) any more time on it.

The gist is here for anyone curious.

Thanks for any feedback or input

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