Managing Requirements

Evening peeps! Firstly, I’ve finally got around to running a project on nbdev, and it’s bloody wonderful. I’ve got documentation that doesn’t suck for the first time in my life.

That one niggle I’m trying to work around is how to manage requirements. My project has spiralled from something quite small to something with a gradio front-end and a few extra bits, and I was wondering if anybody has got any good workflows for managing requirements in settings? Currently I’m just copying over key files from my pip generated requirements.txt, but I feel there must be a smoother way!


You can always change your to read from the requirements.txt :slight_smile: (what I recommend)


Try pip-chill


Coming back to this…I’m tempted to add a commit hook or similar to add detailed requirements in requirements-lock or similar, as I’m a little worried that coming back to this in a few months I might lose requirements. Is that something anybody has tried/figured out? Or am I way overthinking a problem?