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I just wanted to know if other nbdev users got a mail asking for feedback on their product. Btw the email reads:
"Hi Thomas,

I came across your star of nbdev & wanted to reach out. I’m one of the co-founders at Kyso and was wondering if I could get your feedback on what we’re working on - something that could add to your Jupyter-based workflow. It might be useful for you and your team at CEA.

Similar to the team working on nbdev, we are developing systems to make Jupyter notebooks a first-class citizen of internal data teams. We are building a more effective reporting system for the publishing, sharing, and discovery of analyses, in a way that also makes it easier for data teams to share & communicate their results to both technical and non-technical audiences alike.

Kyso is a central knowledge hub to manage, share and collaborate on technical reports - we convert data-science tools like Jupyter Notebooks to Medium-style blog posts published to the web. We’re fully integrated with Github, meaning when you push your commits, the changes are reflected immediately on Kyso. It’s very easy to get started - profiles, comments, etc. work right out of the box. "
Has anyone tried this tool?

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I did, too. Looks like a spammy sales/outreach, so just ignore it?

They wanted to do a video call, finally did not happend.