Lr_find() not plotting the same as in the Rossmann notebook

(Posted this in Part 1, but this category may be better)

I’m currently going through the Rossmann (lesson 6) notebook and I’m running into some issues with lr_find().

Here’s what I’m supposed to get:

Here’s what I’m getting:

Notice I’ve even extended end_lr much farther. It cuts off at 1e+03 even though I used 1e+06.

I am using fastai version 1.0.58.

What could be causing this difference?

Here’s a GIST of my colab notebook:

EDIT: I’m currently testing a few things. I used the same learning rate as Jeremy, and I’m getting a lower error (close to Jeremy’s but a little higher) than if I chose one based on the graph I received. Jeremy used a learning rate of 1e-03 and such a learning rate doesn’t make sense with the graph I received.

I re-ran the notebook and got a slightly different learning rate plot this time: