Lost my Notebook?

Yesterday I got AWS working at eu-west-1. Everything went just fine.
Today I cannot get URL for jupyter notebook, I get “This site can’t be reached”. (I tried it couple of times, and nvidia-smi tells the instance itself is running.
Should I have 2 VPC:s at VPC Management Console?


I can think of two things first :slight_smile:

(1) The jupyter notebook server is not running
Did you stop the instance yesterday ?
Thus, did you make sure to launch again your notebook when starting the instance today ?

(2) Jupyter notebook is running on a different port (potentially not allowed by your instance config)
You can check on AWS if any jupyter notebook server. Is the port allowed ?

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Should I have 2 VPC:s at VPC Management Console?

Yes, one should be your default VPC, and the other (if you used the provided setup scripts) will be the fast-ai VPC with a CIDR block of

… seems I have to do everything twice. The instance was running, but Jupyter notebook NOT.
I ripped everything down and build it again but it’s ok now.

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