Looking for reliable Covid-19 data for Europe and Asia

Hi, I was interested in tracking the growth of the covid-19 cases in my area but didn’t find any resources. I ended up hacking a web site / backend that first does a IP to location look up to find the approximate (lat, lon) of a user and then shows the cases around the user as I think that’s more critical for the user than what’s happening in other parts of the world - although the latter is important for other reasons too.


I was wondering if anyone knows a reliable town/city level Covid-19 data source for Europe, Asia and other continents. US figures are usually announced at the county level which was good enough but I’d like to provide the same experience for non-US folks who visit the web site. The irony is there is a big hype about AI and Deep Learning which is great, then we’re in Deep Sh*t and there is no clean and structured data out there!


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This is a very good data set for Italy. You may have to do it piecemeal, that’s what we’ve had to do in the US. All the good data is from feeds aggregated by volunteers. I’d suggest making your OP a wiki and adding links like this one as you find them. Good luck!

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Thanks Robert! This looks solid. I wish organizations like the CDC and WHO were more tech-savy :frowning: I truly believe that there is enough aggregate brain power in the data science community that we might find patterns in the data that could help save one person’s life somewhere…

I agree that collating available data sources relating to covid-19 is essential to any analysis and predictive modelling. So we could try to crowdsource a list of datasets

The crowd-sourced app “snewpit” is an intersting idea but it has only 10,000+ dowloads so cannot be very reliable…


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For datasets by country/region (and other groupings), try looking through: https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/data

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John Hopkins Dashboard World Data

John Hopkins Covid-19 Data Github

Unfortunately JHU stopped reporting US county level data :frowning: that’s what triggered my search

and if you look at the link you sent, you’d see that Europe and Asia numbers are rolled up to the country level. It is hard to believe that there is no good data but I think what Robert said above is right…

I thought you sought Europe and Asia data, apologise.

Also nothing is easy, everyone is pressed for time I guess, we just got to do the best we can.

I’ve been using worldometer’s data (also shown in Jeremy’s video) link. It is updated more frequently than JHU, but need to track your own time series (some countries like Italy report data later in the day). I also made
this chart which shows some vulnerability/recovery metric.
This is now live using Workbench.

Data from John Hopkins University


How about this one:


Including daily updated data:

Latest data

And an nice visualisation of the developing spread:

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I am personally using the dataset made by ECDC ( European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control):

A new file is uploaded daily. It’s providing the daily new confirmed cases and deaths.

You can find a few days history of those files on my github repo along with a notebook with a few graphs of it:

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