Location of attendees based on the information provided

This is amazing
I counted 203 different locations around the world

Rachel and Jeremy
Thanks for this great opportunity!!!


Nice )

Great!!! So excited for today’s workshop!!

Very nice! I see you’re from Houston - I hope the floods didn’t impact you. Rachel is from Galveston, just across from Houston, so we have many friends and family there :slight_smile:


I’m getting complaints on Twitter about New Zealand missing! As an Australian, of course, I don’t care at all - but just thought I’d pass it along…


That reminds me of this clip from Flight of the Conchords:


:joy: Aziz Ansari!

If you ever drop by Houston let us know! Would love to discuss someone speaking at AIG’s Women in Tech group. Also get you dinner as a thank you for these great courses.

We have the Houston Data Science meet ups and we get together once a month to discuss Data Science projects from scratch.

Houston Data Science Meetup
Everyone is welcome there.

New Zealand being missing from maps is a core pillar of our national security strategy - no-one can invade if they can’t find us. :slight_smile:


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Many thanks @bhollan :slight_smile: