Loading image data

Hey all,

I’m pretty new to all of this in general but can’t figure out how to load my images into my notebook with FastAI for a computer vision model I want to try making.

I have a project folder, then the image folder, and 3 sub-folders for the different categories of images I want to classify.

I realize this is a fairly basic question but I’ve tried from_folder and haven’t had any luck.

Edit: I actually think I’m loading the data properly, but I’m getting this error
‘set_meta() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘as_copy’’

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Hi Lou,

I’m not familair with that error, but some general advise that will raise your chances of getting a response.

  1. Summarise what research you’ve done, and what worked or didn’t work. e.g. a search for: set_meta() got an unexpected keyword argument as_copy

  2. Detail your environment

  3. Show your code.

  4. Show the results of: !ls -R your_image_folder

and btw, please read HTAQTSW

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