Load_learner() for "export.pkl" Not found

Using Colab with fast.ai version 1.0.39, there is NO method fastai.vision.load_learner(). Please advice.

I found the “load_learner()” method def in the “basic_train.py” file, and I did the:
from fastai.basic_train import *
BUT the “load_learner()” still have the “module not found” error, i.e. the system could not find “load_learner()” method. It’s very odd, anyone has any suggestion?

Solution found:
colab is using fastai version 1.0.36 while the “load_learner()” method is on the latest github (fastai version 1.0.40+), so I updade the fast.ai lib with:
!pip install --upgrade git+https://github.com/fastai/fastai.git